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Order custom work
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The Design process:
Do you have a design idea for something I could make for you? If so, let me step you through the design process.
STEP 1: Dream up the Idea
Can you imagine an hand-forged ironwork piece you would like to own? Use your imagination to visualize what you want it to look like. If you can think of it .... I can make it!
STEP 2: Sketch it
Draw a simple sketch of what you're visualizing in your head. Your drawing skill does not need to be great. I just need to understand what you are seeing in your mind, so that I might turn that idea into steel!
STEP 3: Decide on size
Get out a tape measure and decide how big it should be. The measurements you'll need are width, height and depth.
STEP 4: Contact me
Please call me at : (740) 380-6816 or cell (740) 603-6535
STEP 5: Receive a time & cost estimate
I will let you know how long it will take to complete your project and what it will cost.


4515 Township Road 430, Logan, Ohio 43138     ·     740. 380.6816 or 740.603.6535 (cell)    ·     doug@themakersofhandforgediron.com