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Family Business
We are a family owned and operated Blacksmith shop located in Logan Ohio, in the foothills of Appalachia in Southeastern Ohio.






Passing on the trade

We are a Christ-serving family, and I pray that I may continue to encourage the desire to work with fire and steel with our children. I am grateful that I have been able to pass on this truly remarkable trade!

The picture below is our son Benjamin turning the blower handle at a very young age. On September of 2011 he won first place at the Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil (SOFA) Quad State conference in Troy, Ohio with his cleaver and knife set. Benjamin is making and selling knives all across the U.S. Look for an upcoming article where Benjamin will be featured in the Alabama Forge Council Newsletter as young bladesmith.

Our daughters, Annah Lockhart and Danielle Russell, have also won 1st Place awards at the SOFA conferences.



4515 Township Road 430, Logan, Ohio 43138     ·     740. 380.6816 or 740.603.6535 (cell)    ·     doug@themakersofhandforgediron.com